Luke Vohsing

Luke Vohsing MBA, RN  Simulation Coordinator  Nationwide Children's Hospital

Partnering with Simulation to Increase Knowledge and Confidence in Parents Performing Tracheostomy Care


1. Briefly re-cap your presentation.

Parents of patients with newly placed tracheostomies are at an increased risk of a experiencing a negative event requiring re-hospitalization.  Parents indicated that they received little to no emergency tracheostomy training prior to being discharged.  In an effort to combat this, parents are being invited to practice these emergency scenarios in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Simulation lab prior to being discharged.  We have also developed tracheostomy Rolling Refresher carts that will be placed on select units who frequently care for these patients, these carts will allow inpatient RN’s to perform quick education sessions in the patient’s room without the need for the Simulation Team. 


2. Where is your work now?  (e.g., published work, dissemination at other conferences).

We have currently obtained buy-in from program managers on the units where our Rolling Refresher carts will live.  We have also piloted two “train the trainer” classes where unit educators will then be able to better disseminate educational materials to the inpatient units.  The Nationwide Children's Hospital Simulation team will present an update to this project at International Pediatric Simulation Society conference in October.


3. We'd love to hear any successes or lessons learned you would like to share? 

The main takeaway from this is that parents will ultimately be the caregivers primarily responsible for caring for their child at home.  Due to this, parents need as much training and education as possible.  Since this may be difficult to complete on the inpatient units, training needs to be as accessible and easy for inpatient RN’s to perform on a frequent basis. 


4. Feel free to share anything else you think is important.

Moving forward we hope to partner with local Home Care companies to standardize as much training and equipment as possible.  


Thank you Luke for sharing your work once again with HCEA!  We look forward to hearing more insight in the future. 

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