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 Illustrations and Images for Patient Education

  • A.D.A.M. Images - nearly 30,000 medical images ready for download. Cost involved.
  • Blausen Media - 3-D medical animations. Cost involved.

Videos for Patient Education

Health Related Apps

  • Journey Boards (pediatric patient education) - free apps from Phoenix Children's Hospital that encourage families of a sick child to engage in conversations, including teach-back with the health care team. Topics include hospital stay, surgery, cancer, asthma (English and Spanish), tube feeding, peritoneal dialysis, bones, and transplant.
  • Kincare - free cloud-based app designed to provide help in caring for yourself and your loved ones. Kincare provides various functions necessary for orchestrating home health care, including but not limited to scheduling, medicine, communication, vitals tracking, and care/health coordination.
  • MediSafe - free pill reminder app that includes a picture of the pill the person is scheduled to take. Can also send alerts to a family member for missed doses.

Literacy Assessment Tools for Written Materials

  • CDC Clear Communication Index - has 4 introductory questions and 20 scored items drawn from scientific literature in communication and related disciplines. Use this online fillable tool to score your written pieces for clear, understandable language. 2023.

Culture and Languages

Health Literacy

Patient and Family-Centered Care and Engagement

Patient Education Practice and Research

  • Enhancing Health Literacy - an article featuring how to incorporate the Patient Education Practice Guidelines for Health Care Professionals developed by the Health Care Education Association (HCEA) into the peri-operative setting. Cutilli, C. & Christensen, S.A. AORN Journal, 119(4), 292-296. 2024.

  • Improving the Patient Experience Through a "Commit to Sit" Service Excellence Initiative - a research-based article on how to improve patient satisfaction scores by sitting and making eye contact when teaching. Lidgett, Cari D. Patient Experience Journal. 2016.

  • Self-Management Resource Center - the evidence-based self-management programs previously offered by Stanford Patient Education Research Center. Millions of adults live with one or more chronic health conditions. Our programs help people and their caregivers manage their symptoms, improve their quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs.

Quality Improvement

Professional Development:
Patient Education and Health Literacy

Developing Materials

National Voluntary Health Organizations

  • Chest Foundation - free patient education PDFs on pulmonary/respiratory diseases. Also have videos available for cost. Some items available in Spanish.

  • OrthoInfo - patient education PDFs from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Includes medical illustrations. Available in English and Spanish. Contact OrthoInfo for licensing. Cost involved.


NOTE: Always check applicable copyright/permission information before using of any these resources. Some of these sites offer free images, videos and apps, and some are fee-based; some are "print only" (not able to be copied or saved); some require written permission before using/adapting; some are protected under copyright laws, and some are available in the public domain. HCEA does not endorse or recommend any of the companies, persons, websites, resources, or other products included in the Tools and Resources section. Please see our guidelines for details on how HCEA selects resources to list here.