Reimagined: Learner-Centric Patient Education

The way people learn has evolved as technology has become an important part of everyday life. However, the tools we use to educate our patients have not changed, resulting in a lack of patient education resources in the patient/learner’s preferred method of learning. This gap was evident during the recent pandemic.

In the 1970s, educational tools included information handouts, videos, and conversations. Over 40 years later these are still being used widely…but attention spans have shortened! People increasingly prefer visual and interactive means of learning and patient portals have become a routine part of the healthcare experience.

Meet Tom Bauer, Senior Director of Patient Education and Engagement at Johns Hopkins Health System. On Wednesday, March 27th at 2:00 pm EST, Tom will bring his extensive experience in patient care and discuss an inclusive approach to patient education that recognizes the diversity of how our patients prefer to learn. This approach includes tools to meet the needs of the varied learning preferences of our patients while realizing one size does not always fit all.

Why should you attend? After this session, you will have the ability to name at least 5 emerging technologies that are designed to meet the varied preferred methods of learning for our patients; be able to share/teach others the changing preferences in learning modalities of patients and deliver patient education customized to the patient’s preferred learning style.

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