Desiree Phillips

Desiree Phillips 
MD Anderson's Enhanced Recovery Program & Patient Education: Helping Patients Feel Better Now.


1. Briefly re-cap your presentation.

Enhanced Recovery is a patient-centric and evidence-based program that improves patient outcomes, shortens the length of hospital stay and helps empower and support patients before, during and after surgery.

Enhanced Recovery program focuses on care aimed at 4 areas: (1) Planning and Preparation, (2) Diet and Digestion, (3) Pain Management, and (4) Mobility. A key component of each stage is Patient Education.

At the core of this program, a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach was utilized to develop standardized patient education materials to help patients manage the stress of their surgery experience and become partners in their own recovery so they can get back to family, work, life and self.

2. Where is your work now?  (e.g., published work, dissemination at other conferences).

In February 2020, I presented Patient Education: An Essential Element of An Enhanced Recovery Program at MD Anderson’s Global Enhanced Recovery Symposium and served on a Q&A Panel. The presentation was very well received and highlighted the importance of patient education and health literacy practices. It was definitely the topic of interest for the Q&A panel!

3. We'd love to hear any successes or lessons learned you would like to share? 

In addition to the presentation, I had the honor of debuting our new patient education video entitled “Enhanced Recovery Program at MD Anderson” at the Global Enhanced Recovery Symposium.

Here is a link to the video

Thank you Desiree for sharing your work once again with HCEA!  We look forward to hearing more insight in the future. 

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